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Speedup your Magento site with small alterations:

Magento is undoubtedly the most popular ecommerce CMS widely preferred by millions of users worldwide. Software development companies across the globe use Magento to design online storefront for their clients, and India, in this setting is no way lagging behind. Software development companies in India have expanded their base to cater clients beyond geographical limits of the nation, with many having their physical/virtual presence in different countries around the globe. Any Web development company in India dealing with foreign clients and especially in Magento development in India should know the fact that, Magento, apart from being the most popular CMS, is a heavy CMS to deal with, which many a time makes it difficult for even experienced developers to miss few not so apparent settings those can help increase its speed and performance.

Following are few methods that can help any software development company in India or abroad shape their Magento work to be more beneficial to clients and in turn increase their profit.

  1. Make sure you use the latest version of Magento. As a business practice there is always a tendency that, the new versions include improvisation of features and patches to offer superior performance.
  2. Reduce the required number of database operations per page requests, by enabling “Caching”.
  3. Many Third-party or Community extensions bring in extra processing and database queries, which negatively impact the performance.So, try to keep this number (use of these extensions) to a minimum.
  4. Use compressed image files.
  5. Minify JS/CSS, made by a leading provider of Magento extensions, combines, compresses and caches JS and CSS files and more over it adds forever expiry tags to these which in turn ensures fastest browser loading. You can install Minify JS/CSS or any other minifier.
  6. Install any php opcode on your server.
  7. Deploy a dedicated server for your web hosting. This type of hosting makes sure that the speed of your website is not compromised.
  8. Magento is of the habit of maintaining lists of all actions of the visitors to the site, in the form of log files. Try cleaning these from the Magento admin panel. This ensures optimization of the website’s performance.
  9. Each time a visitor browses your site, multiple HTTP requests are sent to the server, which equals the number of data files present in the site. It can easily be drawn from this, that larger the number of requests sent, greater will be the website loading time. So, reduce these HTTP requests. You can do this by deploying less number of modules or by bundling multiple images into one file (use CSS Sprites).


Try these simple alterations and find for yourself. The aforesaid changes can significantly increase your Magento ecommerce website performance and business conversion rate as well.

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