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iPad Application Development in India

Apple’s iOS is the most popular Operating System which has brought revolution in the mobile-computing market. With multiple awesome features, products (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and huge number of apps, Apple has to its account a large fan following which is growing rapidly. All the products of Apple carry a status of its own and are equally popular among the mass. It’s the craze for the i-Products that has contributed a lot towards its increased brand value and popularity.

Today’s popular Apple Inc. was incorporated as Apple Computer Inc. in 1977 (founded and started operation since 1976) to sell Apple I personal computer. Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, to sell the computer (Apple I) that was single handedly designed and hand built by Steve Wozniak. Apple I was followed by many successors till Jobs realised GUI is going to be the future of Computers. And the journey began to shape up the roughly designed computers and enhance the user experience. Then came the Apple’s era of portable computers what we know today as Tablets and more popularly as iPad. Jobs himself declared in a speech that Apple wanted to make computing easy to learn and computers easy to carry along and operate without being solely dependent on electric supply.

iPad’s ancestors were the first Apple tablet Newton MessagePad series, the PenLite (a sample PowerBook Duo based tablet) which was not released to the market in order to not to disturb the MessagePad’s sale and the famous iPhone which pioneered the multi touch, finger sensitive interface the touch screen interface of Apple’s iOS operating system. It was till late 2009 when there were rumours of iPad’s release with speculations over the name of the product. January 2010 brought with it the news of iPad being released by Apple. Jobs later clarified that Apple has been working on iPad before the iPhone. It was conceptualised long before in 1991 when Jonathan I've, working on his first project at Apple, created a design for a stylus based tablet and named it as the Macintosh Folio. This base design was worked on and kept on modifications to reach to the iPad.

First generation iPad was put on sale in US by mid March 2010 followed by successors the Wi-Fi version and then the Wi-Fi with 3G version. Later iPad 2, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini (series), 5th generation iPad the iPad Air (series) and iPad Pro were launched into the Market. Apple had sold 3,00,000 of iPad on the first day of its release and within couple of months this number crossed the million milestone and it will surprise many that iPhone took double time to reach this number. Within just 80 days of its availability more than 3 millions of iPad were sold.

iPad reached the Indian market in 2011 and is since been popular among the mass. This not only gave rise to the sale of iPad but also provided opportunity to the emergence of a new job segment that is the iPad application development services. With the growth and increased demand of iPad apps, many new companies enter the market each year. Not only iPad, iPod or iPhone have craze in Indian market but iPad development in India also has equal craze and is a leading service sector in India.

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