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Automated Call management CRM

There are professions which require calling many people during the day. And, the preference most of the times is making as many calls as one can by spending as minimum time as possible.Think of call centre executives or salespeople who make hundreds of calls to get a lead/prospective client. Each time, they are required to dial a number manually seeing from a database provided to them. We can say it’s their job and they don’t have a choice. Well, as a matter of fact they actually do.

Yes, you can provide your employees with an easy and advanced way to make calls automatically. Individuals (people in sales) can also automate their calls. It’s very much possible. All you need is a simple Android App that takes little space on your phone’s memory and all your clients added into a database of the CRM.

We call this solution “Easy Calls”, an app to make automated calls. Anyone registered to call just need to hit the button to CALL when they are free and it makes calls automatically. The called number is controlled from a web based database that can be managed by the client who takes this service.

Hah, yet another calling App!!No, Think again!!It’s not just a calling App, it’s an automated call dialling app. You won’t have to dial numbers. Just press a button to make call whenever you are free and the numbers will be automatically dialled from your mobile one after another (once you finish 1st call 2nd will be dialled and after 2nd call is hanged up 3rd will be dialled and so on so forth) until you decide to take a break and stop calling.

What you get with Easy Calls…


Sounds good, Tell me more

If you are of the impression that this app is primarily for the salespeople and customer support executives at call centres, then you are wrong again. Well, I have no intentions to prove you wrong and I myself had said in the beginning that “think of call centre executives or salespeople who make hundreds of calls….” So yes, you are right to some extent. A big chunk of Easy Calls is from the said segments but it was not designed for them only. Primarily easy calls was designed for a political party who used this during its election campaigning and is still using this. It’s also been used in many small, medium and big corporate houses to effectively handle calling.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for automated call handling then Easy Calls is your thing :)

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