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Emerging Web Design Trends in 2017


Change is a ever going process and it affects all living and nonliving things across the universe. Change is applies to all aspects of life, career and business. Hence, moulding your career and/or business to cope with the change in market trends and rapid changing technology is the key to success. The same thing is applicable on web technologies too. Web Designers are no longer following the same techniques as they were decades back. With the increase in the number of online population and businesses trying to make effective online presence, Web Designers and the Web Designing Companies have adopted to new techniques and ideas to standout unique in the crowd. The best thing about adopting to new technology or following a new idea is that, once someone starts following it others also join him. Web designing in this regard is no way different. Let’s discuss some of the prevalent web designing trends these days.

Your website is the face of your business and it’s therefore important to have a well presented website that effectively communicates your business values, your products/services and is capable of holding your buyers/visitors for longer duration. Here the web designers can help you get that extra advantage over your competitors by developing an attractive, well integrated, professional website as per your requirement.

What helps your website look different, unique!! What makes visitors spend more time on a particular website!! What is it that forces visitors to roam around your web pages and get involved in the activities you expect/wanted them to do!! Yes, a perfect design. And, what makes a design attractive?? Well, you may consider the following.

Vibrant Colour Composition

This is the first and the most important thing that can not be avoided at any cost. It’s vital to have the best and right colour composition for a website. This helps in enriching the visual experience. Colours leave a great impact on the visitors mind and also affect their thoughts to a great extent. A perfect design combined with attractive colour combinations helps attracting more visitors and persuades them to browse through different pages (products and/or services offerings).

Audio and Video

Videos are effective communicators than contents. Make your website lively by adding relevant and high quality videos. Having a video on your web page increases the chances of getting visitor attention instantly. You can also get quality GIFs for your website and/or tailor made illustrations to attract more visitors. These are also a great way to catch attention of the visitors and increase their engagement.

Clear and Bold content

Clean content is more likely to grab user attention and encourage them to spend some time on it. Use Bold and distinct typography for your web page and make sure they convey the right message to the viewers. Be specific, be clear and be bold :) Make use of short, simple and impressive text to convey the proper message.

Intuitive and interactive UI

Increasing visitors’ involvement in various activities on your web page is a great way to hold them on the site. These activities can be decided depending up on the nature of business of the website owner. An intuitive user interface design helps increasing visitor engagement on the website thereby reducing bounce rate.

Responsive design

Responsive design is a trend that is going to continue for a long time in future. With the expansion of reach of technology and internet, a large population has access to websites from a varied range and type of devices. A site designed for a desktop will not look the same on a laptop or a mobile device if you do not make it responsive. Responsive websites are compatible with all types of devices (that is, it adjusts itself according to different types of screen sizes and resolutions). This is why responsive design is being widely adopted and is gaining more popularity these days. The success rate of a responsive website is comparatively very high.

Make your site lively with Animations and infographics

Animations are a better way to describe a situation and infographics communicate messages and informations effectively. These can be of real help in getting visitors’ attention moreover, efficiently communicating desired information/message. Be wise in choosing proper content and try not to overload your website with these items (try to add minimum number possible per requirement).

Bottom line

If we keep on talking about the recent and prevalent trends in UI, this discussion will never end. Other than the above, there are also various other techniques like including forms wherever required, using non-symmetric design pattern and material design techniques, integrate Virtual Reality with the UI, AMPs and so on that the web designers use to design a competitive and unique website. Many web designers and web designing companies in India and around the world use a combination of different trends to make their design attractive and profitable.

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