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Tips to make your website standout


Everyone prefers to be different and unique such that they get noticed. With technological advancements and the increasing online population every business wants to have it’s online presence (a website for the business) in an attempt to get better visibility. Here also, being different and unique matters the most to the business owners and the Web Designers as well. Every web design company and web designer strives for something new, something different from others and from his/her own previous works, something that the client would find excellent. So, what is it that makes designs unique? Is there any proven formula for real!!

Well, as a matter of fact, there is no such hidden secret formula. Yes, all web designers know these. It’s just many a times we do not know how to use them in our favour. You can actually create websites that are unique and that actually stand out. It just takes a bit of planning and efforts. Let’s discuss few of the approaches that can help you make your design look unique and attract more visitors.

Structure, Layout and Colour Composition

One of the most obvious ways to make a website look unique. Experiment with fancy structures and unique layouts. However, don’t deviate your design from it’s actual purpose otherwise, you may be able to design a great website but that won’t be actually useful for the client. So, choose your structure and layout design carefully.

Lively vibrant colours attract visitors’ attention instantly. Choosing the best colour combination for your website is another way to make your website stand out as compared to others. Yet again, you need to be very careful in choosing the colours. Your combination should be unique yet should not forget to communicate the business value of the client and should not look out of place.

A perfect structure, a fancy layout and great colour composition can truly give your website an unique look and feel. And, of course you won’t forget to make your website’s layout responsive right!?


Another unique way to make your website different. All you need is to just find out your client’s branding guidelines and stick to those. Use your client’s logos and colours wherever you can. A clearly defined brand is more likely to gain more attention and give your client an added advantage over his competitors.


People understand, relate themselves to and remember things they see or hear about, better than the things they read. So, use your creativity to create something attractive that distinctly communicates your client’s business and looks good to your visitors. Use high quality graphics, images, audio and video etc. wherever required but, do not overburden your website with these. Just use as much is required and be specific in addressing the visitors such that they can emotionally connect to your visuals or audio.

Text and Content

Content is the most vital part of a website. It should be able to clearly reflect the client’s business values, ethics, purpose and offerings etc. Clear and bold content can help you effectively communicate with your visitors and increase conversion rate.

Avoid lengthy, information overloaded content. Be precise, be clear and be presentable such that the visitors are forced to read you without getting bored and moving out of your page. Engage your visitors with interactive content and intuitive design.

Use Animation and Infographics

Yes it’s quite a big deal these days and not without a reason. These are among the best ways to communicate an information or your product details in a different attractive manner. Animation and infographics leave a mark on the visitors mind thereby promoting your product in an unique and effective way.

Wrapping up

If you do a little bit search over the net, you may find out many techniques to improve your design and make it uniquely stand out. Many a times web designers and/or web design companies make use of a combination of various techniques to design an unique site. However, it’s always better to focus on your strengths and try to fully utilise those in your design.

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