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Success of any ecommerce website highly depends on being noticed by the prospective customers and effective showcase of products and of course agile marketing. All you need is to get on top of the search results of your prospective buyers, get their attention and let them know that you have all that they are looking for. So, after designing a great ecommerce website (we prefer Magento (the most popular ecommerce CMS) what you need is effective marketing to increase traffic. This is what leads you to digital marketing.Digital marketing techniques are meant to increase your chance of getting noticed online and help you increase the conversion rate. Now, what’s conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the average / percentage of total visitors to your website those perform a desired action (that you would like them to perform). Increase in conversion rate leads to business growth and thus is an important factor for your online business.Here we will discuss few tricks to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Let’s start with UVP.
1. UVP (Unique Value Proposition):

This refers to a clear communication, a statement of your product’s benefits to persuade your prospective buyers showing them why to choose you over your competitors.While looks & feel of the website definitely attracts the visitors, focusing on a strong UVP can give you an added advantage. You must try out from different UVP’s to find out that suitable one which gets more clicks. A compelling Value proposition should be,


2. Trust building:

One of the many reasons that turn visitors away from your website is lack of trust. Why people do not buy a specific product has mainly five fundamental reasons those are, 1) lack of money, 2) don’t have the need/requirement, 3) not in hurry (can wait for suitable offers), 4) product/service is not relevant or 5) the vendor/source is not trustworthy. We can’t do much when people lack money or interest or urgency but when it’s about trust, we can and we should work on it. Well, it’s not that difficult as it may seem, you just need to add few trust elements to your website. How!!


3. Try minimizing the risk associated with online purchase:

What if the product is of bad quality? What if the product I buy will not fit to my size/requirement? What if I get a totally different product which I didn’t order? These are few of the many “what ifs” that affect an online shopper’s mind. To get your customers’ trust you need to assure them that there is no risk associated with buying your product online and that can fulfil their respective needs. Following is how you can minimize the risk factor,


4. Easy to navigate and interactive features:

Easy navigation through a website pleases visitors and makes them browse through different pages and small interactive features can be useful in keeping visitors busy and excited. Following are few Dos & Don’ts


5. Exciting offers lead to need creation:

Most people are tempted by offers/discounts. Exciting limited period offers like a discounted rate on purchase or one/two day (express) delivery etc. boost up the conversion rate. Your visitors find it interesting to read about and avail of the offer when they are available. So, excite them with offer notifications, create the urgency to buy now by highlighting the offer expiry date/time.

6. Get rid of all types of distractions & add Call To Action (CTA) buttons on your website:

Avoiding unnecessary outbound links, ads, images, huge irrelevant information etc. on your website helps to a great extent in increasing the conversion rate. When it’s about conversion rate optimisation, you should also consider letting your customers go through less options to browse.If you want your visitors to purchase online or subscribe to your mailing list (if any) or any such type of action, you should have a clear Call to Action button of each such function. A good CTA button could drive customers to perform your desired action and in turn add on to your client base.

7. A/B testing/Split testing:

A/B or Split test is conducted by creating different versions (with different features and/or design) of a webpage and testing those with a sample (group of people) to find out what engages people most and which design or feature increases conversion rate. While conducting A/B testing, it should always be kept in mind that, the A/B testing should not be a one time affair/event/test, it should be a continuous process (series of tests) conducted till we find the right combination of features for our website.

8. Don’t forget competition (it’s important to keep an eye on your competitors):

Yes, as I said, it’s really important to know your competitor’s products and have an eye on his marketing policy because the online shoppers don’t just login to a website and make a purchase, they do a fair bit of research before settling down for a product. Yes, your customers really take time to compare product features, price, quality review etc. before they make a purchase online. So, knowing your competitor’s products and offerings helps you plan for your products’ effective marketing.

Clearly the above said points are not the only methods to increase conversion rate, you can try these out along with other effective methods you know of.


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