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The future of Information Technology and the relevance of handheld devices

Information technology is a field which deals with the design and administration of computers, develops an individual’s critical and logical thinking and fabricates a vast area of opportunities. It has been snowballing to meet the aspirations of the technically creative minds. It offers a wide spectrum of professions like database and network administrators, computer support specialists, computer scientists, software programmers, system analysts and many more.

One of the main contributing factor to the IT sector is the increasing use of handheld devices or mobile devices. A mobile device is defined as a computing device, typically small enough to be handheld, having a display screen touch input or a miniature keyboard weighing less than 2 pounds. These gadgets are inseparable from the hordes and have become a craze in the new millennium.

Contributing factors: Responsible for the increasing demand of IT

No-touch Interfaces:

While the kids from the 90’s have explored the utilisation of keyboards and mouses, the new millennial generation wants to text at blazing speed and communicate with people in remote places. This crave for technology brings to us the interfaces of the future that are touch, wave, talk and buzz. Some of the ideas put forward earlier in this regard, like the the brainwave wristband were not that successful. But later there came the ones that became eye-candy of the technological paradigm, we can take Microsoft’s Kinect, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Project Glass for example, which are on their way to stun the digital market.


On-demand internet streaming media:

While smartphones have made way through thick and thin in the digital era, it’s time for the television sets to thrive. Giants like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Apple and the cable companies are trying to provide online streaming services. In this context, by offering a collection of 1,00,000 titles on DVD and having a base of 10 million subscribers Netflix accomplished recent success.

Massively online:

The world of online users never goes silent. Every now and then there is a post regardless of the significance of the matters. Online games, online courses, online shopping are all that has crazed the digital world.

The web of things:

How would you perceive things when everything around you is connected to you and also to each other? Yes, the perception becomes way easier than it used to be. In the near future we might encounter systems of data communications that allow seamless access to digital products.

In every aspect of information technology we could sense the urge to develop and the whirlpools of innovations going on every day. The way we see information technology now is certainly not the very future, it is growing and it is to grow into a web of evolutionary digitalization, and with the above trends of progress it's already underway.


How can we forget Android while talking about Handheld Devices!!

Amidst all these happenings in the IT world, we cannot forget the Android Operating System and its contribution to the handheld devices. Basically, Android OS is for mobile devices and tablets and is an open source operating system. With the evolution of IT, Android plays a significant role by portraying an essential platform for different apps to grow.

The basic features of Android are the ease of communication, messaging, Video calling, enhancing gaming experience, make your office work easier just to name a few. Android operated devices are always open to updation with the addition of any new feature thus making the user avail all updated versions and more and more ease of operation.

Android Apps in this regard play a vital role in making our lives easier. There is literally everything you search for made available to you by an App or the other over the internet (Play Store). This also increases the demand of Android Developers. There are millions of App available today and some of which have become a part of our daily routine. Be it interactive/adventurous/learning… games or Maps or Tracking Apps or Payment Apps or Social media Apps or anything of use by anyone in the age group of 5 to 85, all are available by millions of Android Apps.

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