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Python from a spare time work to World’s most popular programming language

Its Python again!! Yes, you might be knowing before I say this, Python wins the race for the most used/accepted/favored programming language around the Globe yet again, for the year 2017. This will not surprise many though. Python, the object oriented, high-level, server side scripting language, takes the advantage of being lively, highly scalable, flexible, cross platform and portable. It’s simple yet very powerful and easily extensible language that provides ease of programming to experienced programmers while being easy to learn for the new ones. While Python enjoys its fair share of popularity, let’s look back at its evolution and journey.


Python was conceived as a leisure time development in late 1980s’ by its originator Guido Van Rossum. Guido was initially working on ABC programming language at CWI Netherlands. It was when his office was closed for Christmas vacations, Guido decided to work on a new programming language in his spare time. And, thus Python came into existence with limited personal resources of it’s developer, as no office resources were available to him at his home during vacations.

Guido Van Rossum naming his work as Python:

Guido gave his work a running name as Python in a lighter fun mood. Well, it’s definitely not named after the venomous reptile, though it’s logo depicts two snakes coiled in opposite directions. Python got it’s name from Guido’s inclination towards a BBC TV show named Monty Python's Flying Circus, of which he was a big big fan.

The Benevolent Dictator for Life: Guido Van Rossum

Implementation of Python actually started in 1989 and in 1991 it was made available for the software community for the first time. The first code of python published at alt.sources was named as Version 0.9.0. Since then Python have accumulated many updated features and alterations to give out the best to the Python Developers . Guido Van Rossum, often being referred to as the Benevolent Dictator for Life by the python community, developed Python and is still continuing with the main role in the development process and in deciding Python's direction.

There is a reason for being on TOP!!

Python is being preferred by millions of programmers worldwide as it’s easy to learn and is equally easy to get help anytime due to large community support. It’s also adopted by many software development companies due to it’s high-level features which are regularly updated by the Python developer community. Python from all aspects is well equipped to cater to all/any type of software development requirement and of course we all love Python.

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