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Why developers worldwide prefer CakePHP

Website development/designing basically takes place in order to cater to the needs of businesses willing to make their online presence so as to reach more customers and making the business (work) processes easy and less time consuming. Your website represents your business, communicates about your products effectively and helps in increasing demand for your product. This rising trend of getting online and using softwares to automate business process have facilitated the growth of IT business and have also generated huge employment opportunity in the IT sector. There are a number of development platforms used by the IT sector. CakePHP in this segment is one of the most popular development platforms used by many developers. There are many organisations and individuals out there who provide CakePHP development services.

So, what makes CakePHP so popular!!

CakePHP is a simple, robust and open source web application framework. It’s the most popular rapid development framework of PHP. It come with various advanced features that make it widely adoptable by developers.

Efficient and Secure:

CakePHP comes with advanced security features. It supports any type of Database, multiple database drivers and is brilliant in managing files, themes and contents and also supports multilingual features.

Easy Customizable features:

CakePHP is easy to install and comes with built in validations that help programmers. All the connections except for the database are auto detected in CakePHP. The fields and templates in Cake are easily customizable and development in cakePHP is less time consuming and cost effective.

Up-to-Date and Reusability:

CakePHP keeps on upgrading itself and so is widely used by developers worldwide. It also comes with reusable code feature which saves time and effort invested in writing same codes again and again.

Simplicity and Huge Community Backup:

CakePHP is a simple yet powerful framework of PHP. Huge developer community backup makes getting help and support easier and on time for those seeking it.With many such advanced features CakePHP is well equipped to make programming easier for CakePHP developers and organisations offering PHP Development services.

To Conclude..

CakePHP is an easy to understand open source framework that facilitates the developers to built robust and affordable web applications in less time. CakePHP makes development easy and cost effective that is profitable for the PHP development service providers. The simple and secure features of CakePHP framework have bought it a huge fan following of developers and companies providing custom PHP development services.

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