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POSTED BY ADMIN / september 11,2017
Having a website for your business opens your doors to the consumers beyond geographical limits. eCommerce website development in this regard have been gaining immense popularity these days...
POSTED BY ADMIN / August 22,2017
Python is the most popular PHP framework used by millions of developers worldwide. In this article we will discuss about some of the features of Python Web Framework those make Python programming fun and widely adopted by ...
POSTED BY ADMIN / August 14,2017
Everyone prefers to be different and unique such that they get noticed. With technological advancements and the increasing online population every business wants to have it’s online presence (a website for the business) in an attempt to get better...
POSTED BY ADMIN / August 12,2017
Change is a ever going process and it affects all living and nonliving things across the universe. Change is applies to all aspects of life, career and business. Hence, moulding your career and/or business to cope with the change in market...
POSTED BY ADMIN / August 10,2017
Intelligence is the biggest contributing factor in human civilisation. Intelligence is what gave rise to technology which facilitates the creation of various products to automate and simplify human life.Artificial intelligence is the amplified form of human intelligence...
POSTED BY ADMIN / August 4,2017
Google has been favouring mobile friendliness of websites since quite a long time. Be it rolling out the updates like Mobile geddon 1 & 2 and thereby forcing webmaster to be more mobile friendly or improving the interfaces like app streaming to keep users engaged, Google’s algorithm has always prefered websites optimised for mobile devices. Yes, if your website is able to pass Google’s mobile...
POSTED BY ADMIN / July 26,2017
Website development/designing basically takes place in order to cater to the needs of businesses willing to make their online presence so as to reach more customers and making the business (work) processes easy and less time consuming...
POSTED BY ADMIN / February 17,2017
Its Python again!! Yes, you might be knowing before I say this, Python wins the race for the most used/accepted/favored programming language around the Globe yet again, for the year 2017. This will not surprise ...
Automated Call management CRM
POSTED BY ADMIN / February 10,2017
People these days stay connected to internet by some means or other in their offices and homes. But, as we grow more and more dependent on technology, we are becoming more prone to cyber attacks. Yes, every electronic device we use in connection with internet...
Digital Marketing
POSTED BY ADMIN / January 23,2017
Success of any ecommerce website highly depends on being noticed by the prospective customers and effective showcase of products and of course agile marketing. All you need is to get on top of the search results of your prospective buyers, get their attention and let them know ...
How to protect your IoT devices
People these days stay connected to internet by some means or other in their offices and homes. But, as we grow more and more dependent on technology, we are becoming more prone to cyber attacks. Yes, every electronic device we use in connection with internet...
Things you need to know about UI/UX Design
POSTED BY ADMIN / Aug 30,2016
What do you think your visitors look for in your website!! Not sure?! Well, ask this to yourself, what do you do if you come across a website that has a bad design, poor content, improper choice of colors ...

Speedup your Magento site with small alterations
POSTED BY ADMIN / Aug 4,2016
Magento is undoubtedly the most popular ecommerce CMS widely preferred by millions of users worldwide. Software development companies across the globe use Magento to design online storefront for their clients, and India, in this setting is no way lagging behind.

Benefits of Android application development
POSTED BY ADMIN / June 14,2016
A determination of Android application developers has surfaced in the business in the recent past. Android is an open source platform and permits the developer to gain an edge over his rivals. While the developer’s group is continually working at various applications development using android, at the same time the android Community is trying to sustain the apps by making consistent sophisticated improvement in the technology. This will ensures that the Android platform is less vulnerable against breakdowns and also will be devoid of bugs. Here are a couple of benefits associated with the Android Application Development in India.

The future of Information Technology and ...
POSTED BY ADMIN / February 18,2016
Information technology is a field which deals with the design and administration of computers, develops an individual’s critical and logical thinking and fabricates a vast area of opportunities. It has been snowballing to meet the aspirations of the technically creative minds.
Growth prospects of rising IT Business
POSTED BY ADMIN / January 13,2016
IT sector, in last few years have helped India in making its presence strong on the world map. The IT industry contributes a large part in the national GDP, leading to constant growth in Indian economy.Apart from the existing...

Afixi - An introduction
POSTED BY ADMIN / January 22,2013
At Afixi we develop applications that add value to your expectations and help you increase you business volume. Founded in 2002 in Bangalore, India, Afixi have spread its services across the border. We have developed more than 500 projects with a customer retention rate of 80% .

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